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“It is a great pleasure to be part of the group for the Diepsloot Cangro Initiative this year. It is a wonderful experience to watch our plants grow upside down. We have learnt to recycle. We are watching our plants everyday and it has taught us to look after our environment. The learners are still watering and taking care of their plants. We used our creativity and decorated our cans.” - Manyelo Saf, Grade 3 student at Diepsloot Primary School

Cangro is a proudly South African sustainable development, ‘green’ initiative in the progressive educational and food security space which teaches children how to grow food, upside down. Cangro aims to empower children with the knowledge, skills and capacity to successfully nurture and care for their very own upside-down tomato plant, simultaneously teaching them to nurture and care for themselves and their environment. The real value underlying the entire project is the cans’ ability to connect. Usually involving entire households, it connects teachers to parents, and through branding and marketing it connects the shopping centre to the community. Through innovation focused on the use of recycled material, Cangro hopes to inspire a generation of young thinkers and future entrepreneurs who can contribute in a meaningful way to a sustainable South Africa.

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