Waste Management and Recycling

Capital Land works in partnership with service providers to ensure that waste management is optimised in order to achieve environmental benefits including the diversion of waste from landfill as well as the recycling of waste materials.

% of Waste Recycled vs Disposed (m3)

% of Waste Recycled vs Diepsloot (m3)
Type of Waste

1 586 687 CO2 saved (m3)
775 trees grown to maturity

would have been required to sink this carbon.
7 117 908 KWH of energy saved
767 mid-income homes could be powered

for one year by the energy saving.
19 820 753 litres of water saved
217 average households annual water
12 893 trees saved
82 acres of tropical forest

at average tree density saved.

Active Utilities Management

Capital Land directly and actively manages utility costs through Smart meter installations and data validation.
96% of electrical meters are Smart metered
89% of bulk water meters are Smart metered

Renewable Energy

Capital Land actively identifies opportunities for solar projects and is committed to increasing the percentage of renewable energy in the portfolio under management.

Alexandra Plaza

Key Facts

Alexandra, Gauteng
Plant size:
941 kWp (DC)
Energy generation:
1 467 417 kWh per year
Completed October 2018

Heidelberg Mall

Key Facts

Heidelberg, Gauteng
Plant size:
1 261 kWp (DC)
Energy generation:
2 130 542 kWh per year
Completed December 2018