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Capital Land implements and manages appropriate and sustainable social responsibility initiatives, focused on education, sporting and community upliftment in the local communities surrounding the shopping centres under their management.

The Lap Desk Project

Lap desks are portable, light and durable desks which provide solution for children who don’t have desks.

The desk sits on the child’s lap, providing them with a surface to write on, whether they are sitting on a chair or on the floor.

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Sporting Chance Programmes

In partnership with Sporting Chance, holiday programmes are run at selected shopping centres. The aim of the of the programmes is to contribute to local communities through life skills education and participation in sporting events which keep children occupied in a positive activity and away from social ills.
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The Helping Hand Project

The Helping Hand Project is a community focused initiative which invites members of the community surrounding a selected shopping centre to make a difference in their community by simply visiting the centre, and doing their handprint.

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The Academic Prize Programme

The academic prize consists of a floating merit board which is engraved with the prize winner’s name, a gift voucher to a selected shop at the shopping centre, and the prize winners school fees for the next academic year are paid for.
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Barefoot No More Initiative

Bare Foot No More has developed a unique school shoe for children in rural areas. The shoes are easy to maintain, they can be washed and do not require shoe polish, they can stretch to accommodate a growing foot and do not cause blisters.
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Unjani Clinic Partnership

Unjani Clinic provides accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to communities in low income areas and provides employment for three nurses from the local community.
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Project Dignity

According to UNICEF, one in ten school girls in Africa miss at least one week of school monthly or drop out of school due to lack of sanitary products.

Project dignity aims to empower young girls through basic education and access to sanitary wear.
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Cangro Initiative

Cangro is a proudly South African sustainable development, ‘green’ initiative in the progressive educational and food security space which teaches children how to grow food, upside down.
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Lawhill Maritime Centre Bursary

Simon’s Town School’s Lawhill Maritime Centre was established in 1995, and introduces scholars to the maritime industry in their last three years of secondary schooling.
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