The Lap Desk Project

The Lap Desk Project 2017-07-17T07:59:50+00:00

According to figures from UNESCO, over 95 million school children in Sub Saharan Africa do not have access to a school desk.

Without a desk, school children struggle to write and resort to either resting their paper on the bench that has been provided for them to sit on or on the floor. Traditional wooden desks are expensive to produce, and are often unsuitable for large classes with limited classroom space.

Lap desks are light and durable desks which provide a solution for school children who don’t have desks. The desk sits on the child’s lap, providing them with a surface to write on, whether they are sitting on a chair or on the floor. As the desks are portable, the child is able to take the desk home to provide them with a surface to do their homework on.

The desks are printed with educational tools such as the alphabet, multiplication tables, emergency contact numbers and a map of the world. The educational material is adjusted depending on the age group and school, and the lap desk is able to be branded with the shopping centre logo to link the shopping centre to the community.

Capital Land identifies schools that require lap desks in the communities surrounding the shopping centres under their management. In partnership with the Kommunity Desk Company, Capital Land facilitates the printing and donation of desks to selected schools.